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TikTok music app, Resso, available in beta for Android, iOS users in India: how it works

TikTok, a video maker and sharing app that launched in India just over a year ago, now has nearly 200 million monthly active users. After gaining popularity with his video app, TikTok owner ByteDance is now focusing on his music app called Resso. As reported by Bloomberg previously ByteDance is now starting to test its music application, Resso, in India. Developed by Moon Video Inc, the beta version of Resso is now available for iOS and Android users in the country.

Connect to Resso

The App Store shows Resso (beta) has been available for about six months now. Over the past few months, the app has been updated with several bug fixes and improvements based on user feedback. On the App Store, Resso has a rating of 3.9 while the Google Play Store has a rating of 4.1.

After downloading, Resso asks users to register with their Google or Facebook account. It then asks users to select their preferred languages ​​and artists, similar to what we have seen on most other music apps like Spotify, Apple Music, among others. The interface of the app looks a lot like Spotify.

The beta version of the TikTok music app is now available for iOS and Android users in India.

Key features of Resso

The “Music” category which is placed below the screen has songs listed with name and singer in large, clear fonts. Users can play or pause a song with just a tap of a finger on the phone screen.

Resso also allows users to like the song, comment on it, and share it with friends. It also allows users to change the album cover.

The “Discover” option which is next to “Music” allows users to search for a song, artist or album by simply tapping on the search bar at the top of the screen.

The Resso app also allows users to download songs and create a list of favorite artists.

Free Resource vs Premium

As part of the free subscription, Resso allows users to create mood and lyric quotes, and also provides access to the full lyrics of the songs. Under the Premium subscription, Resso not only allows users to create mood and lyrics quotes, and gives access to full lyrics, but also allows users to play songs on demand, download music, download music, ‘listen to songs without advertising. Under Premium Resso allows users to listen to high quality audio which is not available in the free trial version.

Resso subscription

New Resso users benefit from a free 30-day trial period when they register for the app. Once the trial period is over, users will need to purchase a subscription plan worth Rs 119 / month. So far, Resso has not announced any annual plan. In comparison, rival Spotify offers 3 months free trial to new users in India, then charges Rs 119 per month. The other Spotify premium packages are: Rs 13 / day, Rs 39 / week, Rs 129 / month, Rs 389/3 months, Rs 719/6 months and Rs 699 / year.

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