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Resso is the new music app from the owner of Tik Tok ByteDance, available for download on Android and iOS

A while back, we talked about a music streaming app from TikTok that could launch in December. TikTok owner ByteDance has now developed the app dubbed Resso. The company is testing the app in emerging markets like India and Indonesia. India, for example, has the largest number of TikTok users, so it made sense that the company started its Resso journey with the country. The app has been around for 6 months now and it has received over 27,000 users on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store at the same time.

The Resso music streaming app is now available for download on Android and iOS

With the help of Resso, ByteDance aims to tackle existing music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music in countries where paid music services are still not very popular.

“The dilemma for the three companies is how to monetize a price-sensitive user base with low relative incomes,” says Michael Norris, director of research and strategy at AgencyChina, a Shanghai-based consulting firm. “Right now it’s a race for active users in the developing world. Business realities will be put aside, at least for now.

With Resso, users can see the lyrics in real time with the songs (which Spotify does not offer). Users can also post comments on individual songs and create GIFs and videos accompanied by music, much like the feature found on TikTok. In addition, the live lyrics are accompanied by animated GIFs in the background which makes the overall experience even better. What’s more, music is playing in the background and the interface is even displayed even on the lock screen.

Resso is currently in beta and comes with free / premium subscriptions. With the premium subscription (which costs 119 INR ($ 1.70), by the way), users can enjoy ad-free music and can download their favorite tracks to then listen to when / if offline.

“Resso is currently in a beta testing phase,” said a representative from Resso, “We are optimistic about its long-term outlook, but we are still very early in the process and only in a limited number of developing markets. “

Meanwhile, TikTok recently passed 1.5 billion downloads on Android and iOS. You can read more about the same by checking out our previous coverage of the same.

If you want to try the Resso music streaming app, you can get it for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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