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Muziki Radio: Kansas City’s Latest Music App

I recently met a local entrepreneur and man of many skills, Keith Cooper. Cooper did everything from graphic design, audio engineering, photography, and videography to attending, for a short time, the University of Missouri-Kansas City for anesthesiology. In addition to helping run a successful family business, he has embarked on a new venture which he says is “not just for financial gain” but can “open doors for my other ideas” and create an avenue to help “local artists to become bigger”. “This business is a music-based app called Muziki Radio.

Launched on September 3, 2015, Muziki – the Swahili word for music – is essentially a radio station for local music. Cooper created the app himself. He already knew Java, was already a graphic designer, had already developed websites, so he just downloaded Android Studio and taught himself how to do it. The inspiration for Muziki came from Cooper’s recent visit to Atlanta.

He noticed that Kansas City lacked a must-have media and music app. He asked himself, “What does Atlanta have that KC doesn’t?” After spending a few months in one of America’s music mecca, he was pushed to create a medium for our local scene that would serve as a hub to harvest the atmosphere of the professional industry, right here in Kansas City. With Tech N9NE, Janelle Monae, various sports stars, actors / actresses and personalities already from Kansas City, the talent is there. Muziki aims to showcase even more.

While “local radio, as it should be” is the motto, it is also home to upcoming music videos, short films and music repertoire. Cooper says the musical repertoire will serve as a “yellow pages for our industry” and that “Muziki can start something here at KC”. That something will be born by promoting the best music and media that Kansas City has to offer, right at your fingertips.

It’s a great alternative for artists to promote their music, and it strives to be a standard. Facebook spam, limited use of YouTube, and promotional links couldn’t be further. Cooper believes we can get music to a lot more people through the use of his app, starting locally. In the age of “any app” technology, I believe so. Everyone is constantly on their phones, searching, listening, watching, and downloading apps that make what they love or do easier. For the Kansas City music scene, that’s where Muziki comes in.

Muziki offers a variety of music to attract listeners, genres include Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, and Pop-Rock. Jazz, Blues, Comedy and Poetry will be added soon. The app offers a random playlist selected by the creator himself for the genre you choose. You can also choose the artist, songs or videos you want to play yourself. The navigation is user-friendly and thanks to rebranding from Craig Smith, a local artist who benefits from the app, it looks great.

The next big thing for Muziki is endorsements, artist benefits for promotions, and the ability to pay each artist for their turns on the app. Cooper is also developing an app for black hairstylists and the growing movement of natural hair. This app will have a postcode search function, and stylists and barbers will be able to advertise directly through the app.

Its overall vision is “KC having its own radio and media” and wants to see “shows and movies… recorded and produced here”.

Giving advice to app developers with similar ideas, he says, “prepare for long nights” and “network as much as possible”.

You can download Muziki from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Local artists who wish to submit music can email for all information.

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