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Music app for Cyanogenmod 9 available for download earlier, Android 4.0 required

If you can’t wait for the final version of Cyanogenmod 9 to be available for your device, you can always download at least a small part of it right now. Developer Andrew Neal let us know that his Music app for Android is now out in beta and available for download – provided you agree to a little sideload action and also run a device with it. Android 4.0.

The latest version has evolved from last time we saw it and feels fully native Ice Cream Sandwich (although it was developed before the Android design guidelines were released). It adds a series of customizations on top of the stock music app, including gestures, holiday shuffle, delete tracks, set ringtones, app-wide search, Customizable playlists, custom tray controls, multiple custom widgets, shake and flip actions, and more. Neal has also built a full theme engine for the app and offers a basic template for developers who want to prepare for its possible inclusion in CM9.

You can download the app directly from the source link below, or if you prefer, wait for it to appear on both Cyanogenmod 9 and Android Market. The latter won’t happen until the app has a proper name, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Source link