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Marvis Pro is a beautiful Apple Music app

The Apple Music app may be preinstalled on your iPhone and iPad, but you don’t. have to use it. There are plenty of third-party alternatives out there and the last one to come to my attention is the magnificent Marvis Pro. And it is * really * beautiful.

Featuring a “minimalist but highly customizable user interface,” Marvis Pro looks like it right off the bat, but there are plenty of settings and options for those who want to be able to tailor everything to their liking to tweak. A good example of this? Over 40 different icon choices. That’s a lot of icons.

Other features include:

  • Use Drag & Drop to add one or more items to Up Next, Play or Shuffle.
  • Advanced media details and artist information.
  • List and layout of the grid. Several grid styles to choose from, such as Cover Flow.
  • 40 choices of application icons.
  • Sort and group.
  • Sort by recently played / added, year, rating, number of plays, and more.
  • Group playlists and genres into albums, artists, composers, etc. users will also appreciate the ability to scrobble their tracks, giving you credit for your listening. Oh, and there are iOS 14 widgets because of course there are.

Marvis Pro is of course compatible with iPhone and iPad and you can download it now from the App Store. This is a $ 5.99 purchase with an additional in-app purchase unlocking some of the advanced features.

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