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InsTube Review: Free Video and Music Downloader for Android

Among the plethora of Android applications, a unique offer pops up from time to time to surprise us with its capabilities. InsTube belongs to this league, and we’ll give you a full rundown of it through this review. It is a fairly straightforward Android app that is supposed to give you the ability to download videos and music from YouTube and other streaming sites, so you can enjoy it even without an internet connection at your fingertips. . And you can also back up your valuable data this way.

Besides helping you recover videos, InsTube is also a music downloader; but we’ll get to that soon. To acquire this app, you need to go to its website and download the APK file as it is not available on the Google Play Store. Once installed, it presents you with a clean interface made up mostly of popular streaming website icons. You can access these sites directly in InsTube to start grabbing their content.

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One very useful feature is that the app acts as a browser, allowing you to log into your accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and other websites. It helps you easily find the exact video you are looking for as your personal feed becomes accessible. Once you’ve found it, all you need to do is tap the little red bolt icon at the bottom.

This opens a menu showing the format and resolution options. MP4 and 3GP are the two supported video formats, and the app even displays the resulting sizes of the files, helping you decide on the ideal resolution based on the storage situation on your phone.

InsTube Music

As we mentioned earlier, InsTube can also be used for free music downloads. This is because it is nothing more than the ability to download only the audio of a particular clip. So any music video on YouTube can be downloaded as an MP3 or M4A file. But of course other websites are also supported including SoundCloud which is one of the most popular portals to download music.

Besides the regular list of streaming websites, InsTube also supports adult portals. You probably think this requires hiding downloaded videos, right? The app covers this as well. A Private Space section exists in the My Files category, which asks you to set a four-digit password to access its content.

InsTube Lock

This feature ensures that all your private videos are password protected. As for the question of how to make a particular video private, you just need to click on it and select the Hide option. Sharing a video is also simple, as there is a dedicated button available for the same, right next to each video you uploaded through InsTube.

Several optimizations have been made to InsTube which allows it to offer faster video downloads than other similar services. And this is quite easily seen when in use, as small five-minute videos download in seconds if a good enough internet connection is at hand. A cool little animation also appears in the notification shadow while capturing a video.

InsTube notification

InsTube can be downloaded and used for free, but you will encounter a fair share of advertisements while doing so. There is still no in-app purchase option to remove these ads. If such a choice is added in the future, it will be worth paying for, considering the spectacular offers in this app.

That being said, InsTube can be downloaded right now through its official website for free.

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