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InsTube Review: Free Music Downloader

Are you still using YouTube to MP3 converter and want to find a more user-friendly free music downloader? Do you regularly watch videos shared on social networks and save them to your storage space? InsTube is an application that makes life easier for this purpose.

Free music downloader and media manager are attracting more and more users since its release

InsTube is an app released in June 2017, and it gets a very good number of downloads every week. The idea of ​​the app is to help users control the media they want to watch, download and manage the storages of downloaded videos. This is a free music downloader, but it also offers the same features for videos, and a lot more that we are going to describe.

The application is available with a size less than 5 megabytes. When opening the app, you will first see their logo, then the main menu will appear. In the main menu, all networks and social media sites where you can see multimedia content. What you can see is Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo and many more such apps. As we mentioned before, all of these networks are in sync, so users will see what media is being released in real time.

InsTube free music downloader - main menu

At the top of the screen, there is a browse button, a URL entry search, and a download button. By clicking on the browse button, users can see all the features of the app. The most important features are the first four – Music, Video, Downloads, and Private.

By clicking on the Music function, it displays all the music media that users have watched on the app. It is possible to replay it or to do all the other possible possibilities with the use of classic applications but in a simpler way.

InsTube Free Music Downloader - Music

The video function does the same job as the music, but only for the video media type, so no further explanation is needed.

InsTube free music downloader - video

If users wanted to download media, it would appear in the downloads section, and by clicking on the Downloads function, that section would appear. All they have to do is open whatever network they use regularly, which is synced with the app and open media they want to download. InsTube will immediately display the download button on the screen, and by pressing this button the user will be able to choose between a quality such as 740p and a file extension such as MP3. When the user makes a choice, the download starts.

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Downloaded files are stored in private, password protected storage. In private storage, music and videos are separated in each section. You can check all information about media files and perform all desired actions with them.

InsTube free music downloader - private storage

We mentioned that the app has a URL search entry. It also makes it easier as it is possible to search for media content by pasting a URL into it. There is no need to browse social media networks if you have the URL of the file you want.

The app also has other features that are less important to users, but still useful. This includes sharing and liking the app on Facebook, as well as changing app settings.

InsTubem free music downloader - settings


We did a review of the InsTube app, which is fresh on the market. It’s not something huge, but it really makes life easier for those who watch video and music media on more social media networks. With this free music downloader and media monitoring service, you can perform all desired actions with literally two clicks, and everything can be found in one place. The app doesn’t take up much space, and we recommend it for those who use multiple social networks and watch or download videos on it.

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