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Google Play Music app begins inevitable worldwide shutdown of service

Google Play Music has finally started its long, slow death, with many users reporting that the app has become inaccessible. Although Google has said the service will be shut down by the end of the year, it looks like an early shutdown is already underway.

Google has tried to push users towards its successor service, YouTube Music, but has been repeatedly undermined by its own inaction on creating feature parity. This has now been largely fixed with options to upload your own music and migrate existing purchases, but there are still occasional minor inequalities even today.

Google Play Music shutdown message

Earlier this month, we saw the closure of the Music section of the Google Play Store, ending the company’s sale of mp3s in favor of a streaming model. Now it looks like the impending shutdown warnings have been replaced with two options – upload to YouTube Music (which migrates your data) or Manage Data, which gives you the option to download your library and remove your settings. This will trigger the last Google Play Music removal from your system.

If you are in this boat, there are a few things to remember:

  1. You can download all your purchases from Google Takeout until the end of the year if you want to keep a hard copy or migrate elsewhere
  2. From next year you will lose everything you haven’t saved
  3. If you’ve made a transfer to YouTube Music and made subsequent purchases since, before the store closed, you’ll need to do it again for those latest songs to reach their new home.

Google Play Music had a death almost as messy as his life. Launched 9 years ago, it’s been two years since we were first informed that it would eventually be replaced by YouTube Music, but it was not until August of this year before we were given a clear timeline. .

Now we have to sit down and watch the service slowly come to a halt, node by node, as we head into Christmas. If you are using the app now, take advantage, because each time could be the last.

Credits go to / u / lifeandtimesofkw for the screenshot!

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