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First impressions of YouTube’s new music app – TechCrunch

Today, YouTube launched an official music app. With YouTube Music, you’ll get a new experience, designed to make it easier to find music on YouTube. This is not a huge surprise, considering the popularity of music videos on the site, which has access to a potential audience of over 1 billion people around the world.

That said, there are already a number of apps designed for listening and discovering music on mobile. YouTube’s new app aims to create a relaxed listening experience, make it easier to navigate the YouTube library, and easily switch between video and audio-only playback.

When you launch YouTube Music, you get a personalized homepage with some pretty basic genre stations, which take into account your personal tastes. Keep in mind that you are probably using YouTube when you are logged in so that they know what you have been watching and looking for. YouTube Music takes it a step further, learning more about what you love as you use it.

By clicking the thumbs-up button, the song will be added to a saved playlist for later listening. Go back to your tastes, dig deeper, and YouTube will continue to learn what you love.

Pressing the Trends tab will feature tracks from emerging artists and classic hits from “The Daily 40”. This isn’t the typical radio “Top 40”, but it’s a man-made list based on the learnings of what’s hot on the platform at any given time. Each song creates an endless station, so as you listen, you can watch what’s to come and even control the variety of your queue to be more adventurous or listen to similar songs by the same artist or one. similar artist.

No matter where you start in the app, the music will never stop. Every song you play or the artist you choose sets off a journey through YouTube’s music catalog. If you’re overwhelmed with the options, the Home tab will recommend tracks just for you and create custom stations to suit your tastes.

So what’s the catch? Well, the paid version of the app, bundled with YouTube Red, lets you play music in the background, get ad-free videos, and listen to music offline. YouTube Red also includes audio mode, which allows you to play audio only without loading the videos. Audio-only mode is ideal for radio, because if you put your phone in your pocket, YouTube Music will continue to work. When you unlock your device, you will see the video currently playing where the particular track is at any given time. It also keeps your battery and data usage low.


But with the free version of YouTube Music, ads are enabled, you lose portability, and there is no background music, text verification, or accessibility to offline mixtapes. So basically most of the features that make this app your go-to for music are only available in the paid version.

At the end of the day, you’re probably already watching or listening to music on YouTube and the YouTube Music app makes that experience much more enjoyable. Definitely worth a try. You can download YouTube Music for free starting today from Google Play or the App Store, which includes a two-week trial of YouTube’s premium service Red, which you sure won’t miss at the end of the trial.

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