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As the ecosystem grows, Android Automotive gets a new music app

Google’s biggest long-term bet in the automotive market is Android Automotive, which comes preloaded on the main units to enable the full digital experience behind the wheel. The number of Android Automotive applications continues to increase. Android Automotive by Polestar 2 Android Automotive by Polestar 2 The important distinction between Android Automotive and Android Auto is how the two can operate in a vehicle. Android Auto is a stand-alone, hardware-installed operating system, unlike Android Auto, which requires a smartphone to mirror the interface on the cabin’s larger screen.

After Amazon Music, which quietly joined the Android Automotive world earlier this month, here is another multimedia app entering this ecosystem. That’s LiveXLive from LiveOne, the platform that promises access to over 30 million songs, 500 curated audio stations, and 235 exclusive podcasts. LiveOne’s media services are now available for download on Android Automotive from the Google Play Store right in the car, so the setup process is as easy as it gets.

This allows Android Automotive to offer more advanced integration with vehicle functions, including access to climate controls, electric vehicle range information and more. The adoption of Android Automotive is still in its infancy, and although only a handful of automakers have ever installed the operating system in their vehicles, many more are expected to follow suit in the years to come. to come. The full list of cars running Android Automotive can be found here. The good news is that software developers are also seeing the potential of Android Automotive, so they’re working around the clock to bring their apps to the platform.

Needless to say, the Android Automotive app ecosystem is growing and most of the big companies are already there. For example, Spotify has already brought its client to this platform, providing easy access to its vast collection of songs and podcasts. Without a doubt, the more automakers preinstall Android Automotive in their vehicles, the more apps will be available to drivers.

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  • As the ecosystem grows, Android Automotive gets a new music app
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