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Apple has finally fixed the Music app

A year after launching a brand new music app with a brand new streaming service, Apple is fixing the terrible layout. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve got a much more streamlined layout that puts the emphasis back on your music library, not just Apple Music streaming songs.

There are all kinds of new features, but here are a few things that stand out. There are new playlists curated every day, which is a nice middle finger for Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists. I don’t know how personalized they are for the individual, but it shows the human curation Apple has pushed with Apple Music.

Lyrics! When presented on stage, it was supposed to allow the audience to “rap to the beat” together. It didn’t go very well, but putting the lyrics right into the Music app is pretty cool.

This is the new landing page when you open the app. If you are a regular user of the music app, you shouldn’t need words to explain how better it is than the current layout. For all the Spotify junkies, trust me: this is an app you might want to use right now, rather than just hiding in a folder forever.

The radio is also getting a facelift. Apple is rushing to push its Beats 1 radio station, which is “on track” to become the world’s largest radio station. There are also more non-human radio stations around the clock, which is good for listening to non-stop music of a particular genre.

There’s still some unzipping from the Music app, which we’ll be doing in the coming hours as soon as the developer preview loads.

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