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Apple Adds Star Wars Radio Station to iTunes and Music App

The new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” is making big box office deals around the world. And if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love that Apple has released a new Star Wars radio station that you can listen to in iTunes on your Mac and in the Apple Music app on your iOS device.

The Star Wars radio station features music from the soundtrack of all movies, as well as sound effects. So, you can listen to music such as “Landspeeder Search / Attack of the Sand People” from the very first Star Wars movie, and many other selections from this movie and all subsequent movies.

How to Find Star Wars Radio Station in iTunes on Mac

Oddly enough, the new Star Wars radio station was not listed on the iTunes stations page on Mac when I opened iTunes. I had to do Star Wars research to listen to it. If that’s your case, here’s how to search for Star Wars radio station:

1. Open iTunes and click on the Radio tab at the top.

2. Place your cursor in the search box and type Star Wars.

3. Press the Enter key.

4. You will see a long list of stations and results related to Star Wars.

The new Star Wars radio station should be the first search result. Just click the play button on the station icon to start listening to sounds and music from all your favorite Star Wars movies.

How to find the Star Wars radio station on your iOS device

Here’s how to find the Star Wars radio station on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

1. Open the Music app.

2. Tap Radio at the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap the search box and type Star Wars.

4. Tap the Star Wars station to start listening.

I noticed the new Star Wars station was listed under Featured Stations in the Music app on my iPhone 6 Plus. So I didn’t have to search for it to start listening in iOS. Apple will undoubtedly be adding it to Featured Stations in iTunes for Mac soon if they haven’t already by the time you read this article.

Star Wars station in iOS Music app is better than in iTunes

The new Star Wars Radio Station lets you listen to sound effects and soundtrack music from all Star Wars movies.

I enjoyed listening to the Star Wars station much better on my iPhone than on my Mac. The iOS version shows movie posters when a song is playing, and I haven’t seen this on the Mac version of the station. In iTunes on Mac, I just saw the image of the Star Wars radio station.

It doesn’t matter, of course. You still get the same soundtrack music and sound effects on the Mac, but the movie footage adds a bit more flavor and pizzazz on iOS devices. And the images provide an immediate visual indication of the movie where the current music or sound effect is coming from, so it’s easier to tell if it’s a movie you like or maybe even you. do not like.

If you see something you like, you can click the buy button to purchase that music for your own collection. And it will make it easy to create your own playlist with all the music from the Star Wars movie soundtrack and sound effects you prefer.

I didn’t expect Apple to create a Star Wars station, but it will definitely appeal to Star Wars fans who want to experience the vibes and music from all the movies. So kudos to Apple for making many Star Wars fans very happy with the new radio station.

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