Month: June 2020

New in Apple Music app for iOS 14: Listen Now tab, endless autoplay, iPad redesign

iOS 14 brings major new features like Home screen updates, widgets, new privacy controls, and feature updates like Siri and HomeKit. But Apple has also taken the time to work on some pretty significant feature enhancements for many of its…

How to Make a Playlist Private on Apple Music App

It can be fun to share your music tastes with your friends, family, and even other music enthusiasts, but sometimes you don’t want everyone to know what you’ve been listening to lately. If so, making a playlist private can help….

Classical music app ‘Concertino’ for Apple Music now available for iOS

We have already covered Concertino here on 9to5Mac, which is an application focused on transforming “Apple Music into a magic classical music jukebox”. Previously available only as a web app, Concertino is now available for iOS on the App Store….

Apple essentially shuts down music app, only plays black music on shared station

Apple One of the most well-received #BlackOutTuesday messages (on the internet, at least) came from Apple, which essentially shut down the popular Apple Music feature – all radio stations were blocked – and only play black music via a shared…